Can I get on the road immediately after paying the toll?

Wait for the confirmation email informing you that your vignette has been activated.

When will I receive confirmation of the activation of the vignette if I pay by bank transfer?

You will receive a validation notice once the amount has been added to our account; this process can take up to 3 days.

I need to report a change of number plate due to a lost, replaced or stolen number plate

If your vehicle registration number has changed, for example due to loss, theft or damage to the original number, your vignette will remain valid. However, you must notify us of the change. Please fill in the form to report a change to your vehicle registration number and attach a certified copy of the document confirming the change (for example, a copy of your registration certificate), showing the old and new registration numbers and the VIN code of the vehicle.

How do I know when my electronic vignette expires?

You can check the validity of your vignette in our validity checker.

Can I transfer my electronic vignette to a new vehicle if I sell my old vehicle?

The electronic vignette is not transferable between different vehicles. If the vehicle is sold, the electronic vignette is still valid for the original vehicle.

Is the electronic vignette valid even if the registration number of the vehicle changes?

The electronic toll tag cannot be transferred between different vehicles. However, if you need to change the registration number of your vehicle due to loss, destruction or theft, you have this option. To make this change, please send your request to [email protected] and attach a copy of the vehicle registration certificate to confirm the situation and the new vehicle registration number. There is a fee of 150Kč for making this change.

Duplicate order and overlapping vignette validity

If you create duplicate orders with overlapping validity dates on our portal, our system will automatically link these orders so that their validity is continuous. This feature is valid even if you are ordering for the first time and your validity date overlaps the current period. Also in this case, the stamp will be activated so that the validity periods are linked.

Can I transfer an electronic vignette to a new vehicle?

The electronic vignette is not transferable between motor vehicles.